In-Clinic Diagnostics

Diagnostic testing can play an important role in determining the cause of sickness in pets, as well as indicating their overall health. The results of these tests can often tell our doctors if your pet may have an underlying issue that cannot be found through a physical exam alone. Mancos Valley Veterinary Hospital provides on-site diagnostic testing with same day results to determine your pet’s overall health condition. We offer these lab services to pet owners in Mancos, Colorado and the Four Corners area.

Our routine laboratory tests include complete blood count (CBC), standard and advanced blood chemistry panels, heartworm testing, thyroid testing, fecal and urinalysis tests. We screen for tick-borne diseases, parvovirus, and glucose abnormalities. We also conduct blood work before each surgical procedure so that our veterinarians will be alerted to any conditions that may cause complications.

Results from these tests give us crucial information to monitor kidney, liver, and pancreas function and hydration levels, detect parasites, track the effectiveness of drug therapies, and discover infections and complicated diseases.

Our quick turn around time enables us to give you a diagnosis and start treatment on the same day. That’s all the better for quickly getting your pet back to normal.

In addition to our in-clinic diagnostics we can also send special samples off to a veterinary specific laboratory for further testing, if necessary, to provide complete diagnostics.

If you feel that something is not right with your pet, don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment with Mancos Valley Veterinary Hospital today.