The experienced veterinarians at Mancos Valley Veterinary Hospital perform routine spay, neuter, tumor removal, biopsies, caesarean sections, ACL repair, and orthopedic repairs. As a fully functioning hospital, we have a state-of-the-art surgical suite on site. Our veterinarians are surgeons as well as medical practitioners, and they regularly continue their education through seminars and training. You can rest assured that our qualified veterinarians and staff will take the utmost care of your pet and treat it as our own before, during, and after all surgical procedures.

If your pet requires a surgical procedure, we will complete an assessment prior to surgery so that we can screen for any abnormalities or conditions that may be problematic. All patients older than 5 years are required to have pre-op lab work and pre-anesthetic screenings to help ensure there are no unforeseen or underlying medical conditions.

At Mancos Valley Veterinary Hospital, we understand that anesthesia is scary. To ensure your pet’s safety, we will use the information from our evaluations and take into consideration your pet’s species, breed, age, and health to create an anesthetic protocol best suited to your pet. Their vital signs will be continually monitored throughout all stages of surgery and recovery. Once considered stable, your pet will be transferred to our comfortable kennels that are supervised by our veterinarians until your pet is deemed ready to return home with you. Mancos Valley Veterinary Hospital conducts post-operative appointments as needed to ensure incisions are healing correctly and that your pet is responding to surgical repair.

If you live in Mancos, Colorado or the Four Corners area and your pet is facing a surgical procedure, trust the experienced and caring hands of our veterinarians at Mancos Valley Veterinary Hospital.