Mancos Valley Veterinary Hospital maintains a comprehensive veterinary pharmacy at our clinic, not only for your convenience but also to allow your precious pet to begin treatment right away. We carry numerous forms of antibiotics, pain medications, heartworm, flea and tick preventatives, dietary supplements, medicated shampoos and creams, dermatology products, and many other items for the relief and care of your pet.

Did you know that many medications purchased online do not have a guarantee from the manufacturer? The reason for this is because most veterinary pharmaceutical companies do not sell directly to online pharmacies and big box stores, and cannot determine if the product has been handled and stored properly. Mancos Valley Veterinary Hospital purchases our products directly from the makers of the product, which are typically guaranteed to be safe and effective. Additionally, there are numerous cases of counterfeit veterinary products for sale on the internet. These products not only contained substances that were not the actual product but may have caused harm to numerous pets. You can trust the products purchased at our hospital to be genuine, as we deal directly with the manufacturer.

At Mancos Valley Veterinary Hospital we always offer 15% off our Heartworm and flea and tick control products. Call us today for more information!